http-equiv and new http headers

In HTML, <META HTTP-EQUIV="Blah" is supposed to be equivalent to an
HTTP header "Blah:", yes ?

What is the position on creating new HTTP-EQUIV types (and presumeably
equivalent HTTP headers) ?

In the Dublin Core metadata work a form <registry>.<name>[.<type>]
seems to be accepted, e.g. 
<META NAME="DC.Author" CONTENT="Joe Fish">
and perhaps
and the equivalent
as an HTTP header

which might imply that the "DC" portion should be reserved
for the DC crowd, and registry-less names be reserved for the HTTP group.

What I don't want to see, obviously, is people generating headers like
Expires: 4/5/99
Location: Bournemouth

Andrew Daviel
TRIUMF &  Vancouver Webpages

Received on Wednesday, 19 March 1997 13:19:31 UTC