Re: Unverifiable Transactions / Cookie draft

Phillip M. Hallam-Baker wrote:
> I'll just point out that Microsoft voluntarily entered into an agreement to
> abide by the terms of the European data privacy laws. I don't believe that
> cookies meet those laws. 

If you are referring to the laws implemented by the Data Protection Act (DPA)
in the UK, then I'd be surprised. The requirements of this law, in my limited
understanding, are that, if one keeps "personal data" on a computer, then one
must register with the Data Protection Registrar, and be prepared to reveal, on
payment of a fee, the contents of the relevant entry of that database to an

I don't see that this has any impact on cookies (beyond requiring the collector
of data to do things).

I'm not aware of any other relevant legislation, current or forthcoming, in the
UK, and, although I am not qualified to give an opinion, I do have good reason
to be aware of such issues.



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