Re: Unverifiable Transactions / Cookie draft

In a previous episode Ted Hardie said...
:: > I know there are plans to make proxies report this kind of info in the
:: > future, but we're not there yet and sites that are dependant on ad revenue
:: > cannot afford to be good net citizens w.r.t caching ads.
:: Just to clarify, the proposals are to standardize a method
:: to *allow* proxies to report this kind of data.  Nothing in the
:: proposals *makes* anyone do anything.  Jeff and Paul
:: were very clear about that from the beginning, and it
:: keeps the hit-metering draft out of the scary
:: "big-brother" category.

Right on.. and to clarify a little further when serving to a proxy the
origin server is told whether or not the proxy pledges to return this
information at a later date.. if it doesn't they can cache bust.. the
weakest point of the hit-metering draft IMHO is that it doesn't try
and provide any other methods of determing proxy reliability wrt this
pledge to base the "to cache or to bust" decision on..


Received on Tuesday, 18 March 1997 10:02:26 UTC