Re: Confused about persistent connection for old clients

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>Because it was recognized during the HTTP/1.1 design process that
>the uncontrolled forwarding of HTTP/1.0 + Keep-Alive requests
>through proxies (especially multiple levels of proxies) could lead
>to confusing communication failures.  See the first paragraph
>of 19.7.1, which explains this.

 OK, I can understand this; I can certainly see problems with this when using
older proxies like CERN httpd. To ask the question differently, though, what's
current practice? What do existing proxy servers do? If you'd like, e-mail to, and I'll summarize.

 IBM's proxy product does not support Keep-Alives from HTTP/1.0 clients. Our
content (origin) server does support them.

 -- Martin

Received on Tuesday, 18 March 1997 10:01:43 UTC