Re: Unverifiable Transactions / Cookie draft

On Mar 14,  7:34pm, Jaye, Dan wrote:

> Examples of: non-privacy invading uses:
>    Content and service aggregators using redirection to allow a visitor
> to use many different services under one umbrella where cookies are used
> for maintaining state.  Although it is sometimes possible for all of
> these to be under one domain, it sometimes is not possible or is
> impractical.

By any chance do you have a URL pointer to such a service? I
have an idea of what you mean, but the examples I can list off
the top of my head are under attack for other reasons.

> The key point is that the user must be informed.  I believe that is why
> DoubleClick has suggested that the user be notified that a cookie is
> being set and given the opportunity to reject, accept, or specify to
> accept all from this domain in the future.  This is actually more
> informative than transparently rejecting all cookies without notifying
> the user at all.  Once again, I think more information needs to be made
> available to the user than just a domain name of the issuer, like a
> third party rating system, certificate, etc.
> BTW, we are not an advertising network or a user of one.

I think we agree that more information is key.  Where we seem
to disagree is in how to get that information to the user and
how to behave when it is not being presented.  Having used
systems which reset cookies on a per-page basis, I can easily
see the arguments of those who say that constant display is
not the answer.  Bad design forces users to turn the display
off.  An unscrupulous site might well use such a design simply
to increase the likelihood that users would turn off cookie

> Doesn't the current spec ignore current and legacy browsers as well?

Not intentionally.  The problem being addressed by the
working group now is that one major implementation, based
on the early Netscape spec, is not interoperable with the RFC.

			Ted Hardie

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