Re: Internet Draft http-versions-00

Jeffrey Mogul <> wrote:
  > [...]
  > A client should never receive a response whose version number is
  > higher than the one it implements, because a server is not supposed to
  > send a response whose version is higher than the one in the request,
  > and a client "MUST NOT send a version for which it is not at least
  > conditionally compliant."
  > [...]

I *really* hope you meant to say "whose *major* version number...".
Otherwise you're saying an HTTP/1.1 server should send an HTTP/1.0
response to an HTTP/1.0 client, which is how this issue got started
in the first place, and which I don't think you meant.

BTW, as the person who instigated the original flap, let me say I'm
content with Jeff's (et al.) draft-ietf-http-versions-00.txt.

Dave Kristol

Received on Tuesday, 4 March 1997 06:29:30 UTC