Re: Apache and HTTP/1.1

Marc Slemko wrote:
> This is really an implementation problem with the client.  Whatever
> arguments there are for sending a RST when the client wants to abort a
> connection (and the reasons appear valid), I do not see any reason to send
> it for a normal (err... normal as in a normal transaction, since a large
> percentage of HTTP connections are terminated by being aborted by the
> client) server-initiated close.  Someone at Netscape has said they will
> probably be changing this so that Navigator only sends a RST when the
> client is aborting the connection, not during a server-initiated close.
> Unsure about what MS plans.
Yes, thats the plan, only do a RST for an abort.

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Received on Wednesday, 26 February 1997 19:16:11 UTC