Re: Comments on the new cookie draft

>>>>> "YG" == Yaron Goland writes:

YG> Given that the crux of the issue is the server vendor's needs, it
YG> would seem appropriate for them to comment. Would they rather
YG> sniff UA strings to determine how to properly format their cookies
YG> or would they rather be able to always send out two headers and
YG> know things will work?

  As one of the authors of our embedded server, I can unequivocally
  say that we are not interested in any resolution that requires that
  we examine UA strings.

  For our purposes, a solution that works within the context of the
  new spec and requires that the UA be upgraded to compliance with
  that spec is just fine.  I understand that from some other
  perspectives this would be less desirable.

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Received on Monday, 24 February 1997 06:20:44 UTC