Re: Apache and HTTP/1.1

As current maintainer of the bastard child Apache proxy, and probable
implementer of 1.1 features for it, most of my recent effort has been
to make the proxy extensible and more robust. Next on the list are HTTP/1.1
support and cache performance improvement. I'd welcome this sort of site.


> Roy T. Fielding writes:
>  > One thing I should note is that we have not yet attempted to complete an
>  > HTTP/1.1 proxy.  Our current proxy, which is a bit of a bastard child
>  > for people who were desperately seeking an alternative to the old
>  > CERN proxy, is suffering from a lack of volunteers to improve it.
>  > If anybody reading this is using the Apache proxy and would like to
>  > help make it HTTP/1.1-compliant, please let me know.
> Speaking of implementations, Jigsaw is meant to implement as much as
> possible HTTP/1.1 both as a server and as a proxy. As far as I know it
> is still one of the only proxy around being able to handle 1.1.
> I am planning to have some HTTP/1.1 demo site (which would try to
> exercise some features of 1.1 for implementeors to check their own
> implementation - including mine ;-). If you're interested, drop me a
> note.
> Anselm.

Chuck Murcko

Received on Friday, 21 February 1997 08:13:24 UTC