Re: Claification requested in Host:

>How does a proxy handle this?
>This seems like something that should be nailed down in the 1.1 spec.
>	client requests 
>		url http://www/file.html 
>		from proxy
> gets request, and looks up what?
> (www in the local context, potentialy)

Yes, or just respond with an error (always an option).

> (suffix the implied client domain)

No.  It isn't the proxy's responsibility.

>This can be fixed by requiring the client to do resolution
>with reverse lookup to submit complete names to the proxy.

That is an implementation issue on the client side.  Yes, it is the
only implementation that make sense, but it is independent of HTTP
in the same way that DNS is independent of HTTP.

>The 1.1 spec should require complete names,

No. The 1.1 spec should not require that a client never do something
which does work under some circumstances, just because it doesn't work
in all circumstances.  If the client requests on an ambiguous URL,
it will get an ambiguous response behavior, which is as it should be.

In any case, this is a question of how to interpret the DNS hostname
within an "http" URL, and applies equally to any URL scheme that uses DNS.

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