Re: How to add new "protocols" ?

Ross Patterson wrote:
> Ben Laurie <> writes:
> >I was about to point this out. But it goes further. The point of a URL is that
> >it provides _complete_ information on how to retrieve the specified resource.
> >TCP is therefore mandated by http: in order to make the information complete
> >(we then know that we resolve the hostname with DNS and connect with TCP).
> Actually, TCP and port 80 are mandated by the fact that you've searched
> the DNS for an IP address that matched the specified name.  People tend
> to forget that the DNS can and does support more than just IP.  If you'd
> searched using a different record class (e.g.  CHAOS), you'd need to use
> the appropriate native stream-transport protocol.  It is perfectly
> reasonable for a given name to have both IP and non-IP data in the DNS,
> and which you ask for would depend on which you wanted.

I hadn't forgotten this. But if http: didn't mandate TCP and I found an IP
address and a CHAOS one for the same host, how would I access it? Not defined.

I may find an MX record for the host, but does this mean I can do HTTP over



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