Re: HTTP/1.1 in the news

At 09:51 AM 2/17/97 EST, Dave Kristol wrote:
>John Markoff has done a piece in today's NY Times
>(  New
>Software Expected to Cut Web Delays.  It refers to the W3C Performance
>paper.  Among the highlights:  "The authors of the report were able to
>demonstrate data retrieval speeds twice to eight times as fast as the
>speed using current World Wide Web software."  Jim Gettys is quoted a
>couple of times.  (Henrik, you need a new publicity agent. :-)

Without serious contributions from all the authors this paper would not
have been as far reaching as it is. What really makes it interesting is
that we have investigated performance optimizations at all levels in a
typical web browser and server - not only HTTP but also CSS1 and PNG. A
very important conclusion is that high performance can only be achieved by
attacking all levels - not only HTTP.

I am wrapping up the libwww code in order to give it out so that you can
see the pipeline code for yourself. Anselm just gave out Jigsaw which
should have the optimized code. Libwww runs on windows and Jigsaw runs on
Java enabled platforms.


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