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Re: HTTP/1.1 in the news

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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 97 10:24:14 -0500
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Yeah, I should have poked at John Markoff to work Henrik (and probably
Eric) into the article.  The three of us doing the most work on the paper
were Henrik, myself, and Eric).  I was surprised the article appeared
today, as John had been held up on his previous article last week, so
I was expecting to talk to him again today before it published.  Sigh....
Live and learn; haven't done all that much of this press stuff in the past...

In any case, John Markoff did his usual good job on the article
(though he or his editor lower-case-ified the URL).  Seemed to get the
results right, without overplaying them (which is why, when it became
clear the press was interested from other press contacts, I got in
touch with him on it to try to get it out accurately).  I am concerned
that smaller companies as well as the biggies get their 1.1
implementations done right; as PointCast as made clear in 1996,
tomorrow's next big HTTP application may come out of nowhere....  It
isn't obvious that browsers will be the biggest HTTP traffic
generators a year from now...

In my edition of the times, it was on page 42 of the Monday edition
(but dunno if it will be in your edition at that page).
				- Jim
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