Re: How to add new "protocols" ?

 >>I have a questions that is somewhat related to HTTP.  What is the
 >>best, and cleanest, way to specify the reliable transport protocol
 >>(intended as Network Transport Protocol, e.g.  TCP, something-above-UDP,
 >>etc.) used to transfer HTTP data ?
 >>If someone wonders why. Think of using a portable unit to browse,
 >>and have an asymmetrical channel, e.g. uplink via cellular phone,
 >>downlink is broadcast (e.g. using satellite or TV channels, much
 >>like teletext).
 >I think the above case is best configured as a gateway service for HTTP:
 >  user agent <--http--> special  HTTP  gateway  service <--http--> origin
 >  |                        |               |          |            server
 >  |---inside portable------| <-asym chan-> |-special--|
 >                                              server

 >So the origin server sees a normal connection from a HTTP client.

right - this is structurally nice basicalyl, leveraging off the proxy
service at the edges of the problem network...- but say you MOVE from
a place where this is a good mechanism, to being near (e.g. i am on a
plane browsing over a slow uplink, but fast downlink, then i land  and
go to an office, while looking at same web content, where i have a
3Mbps IR link from the laptop to a terrestrial wideband net....

how does the proxy change what is doing (e.g. get out of the way!)??
 >The parameters for the special gateway service would presumably be set in a
 >preferences window of the user agent, in the same way as a proxy can be set

yes, but that's far too static....i'd like it to autoconfigure...

also, you need at least a syntax for specifying this even if its just
preferences (though if you dewsign it righ,tr it could be part of tha
autocoinfiguration client<-> proxy and proxy server gateway <-> real
server auto set up...)

so what should that syntax (and even protocol) look like?

Received on Sunday, 16 February 1997 08:12:49 UTC