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At 22:35 Uhr -0800 15.02.1997, David W. Morris wrote:
>On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, Ari Luotonen wrote:
>> > [Proxy Cookies]
>> > I was wondering if anyone else sees a value in such a
>> > construct and if it should be pursued further.
>> We get a lot of requests for such a feature, and would be eager to
>> support it.
>While we're extending cookies, ;-:) (I like proxy cookies as well!)
>it would be nice if it were possible to specify an expiration AND
>an indicator that the cookie should not persist beyond the current
>execution of the browser.
I agree to this terms. Some user groups of the Web needs an uniq ID, who
only exists during the Session of the User between start and exit of his
browser and want transmit via proxies.
Its the best way to count Visits and Visits are the important value for
content providers with advertising. Now we have complicated algorithm to
calculate the Visits of a specified web content.

But dont say "Cookie" for this uniq Browser-Session-ID. Many ppl in the
internet think "Cookie" and "Big brother" is the same. :-( :-)


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