Re: Content ranges in HTTP/1.1

Matt Bookman:
>For the HTTP/1.1 support of content ranges, what should be the correct =
>server response for a byte range that is outside the actual contents of =
>the file?
>For example, suppose I have a file 1000 bytes in length, and the request =
>sent to my server includes a range request of:
>Range: bytes=2000-2500
>What is the correct response?  Is a 204 the correct response?  Is a 206 =
>with a Content-Length of 0 Correct?  If so, then what is the =
>"Content-Range:" that one should return?

204 is incorrect, and I think a 206 would be too.  I would return either a
200 or a 400 (bad request).

>-Matt Bookman


Received on Wednesday, 5 February 1997 11:36:04 UTC