Re: HTTP events at www6 conference?

  > I've been browsing the WWW6 conference site
  > Depending on which page you believe, the deadline for proposing developer's
  > day events is either today (3 Feb) or Friday (7 feb).  Has anybody contacted
  > the conference people about some HTTP related event?  This may be a good
  > occasion to make publicity for HTTP/1.1.
  > I think we should spend some time discussing the future of HTTP at www6.
  > I'm thinking about a BOF, but if someone wants to put together something
  > more formal like a forum, that would be OK with me.

Slightly off-topic, but...

The organizers of WWW6 have created a minor problem:  it is exactly
concurrent with the April IETF meeting (in Memphis).  There's also,
simultaneously, a major HTML conference in the U.K. (if I remember
correctly).  I would expect many of the best exponents for HTTP/1.1
to be elsewhere than WWW6.

Dave Kristol

Received on Monday, 3 February 1997 06:02:37 UTC