Re: Call for Closure - HTTP response version

OK, we've issued an Internet-Draft that attempts to clarify
the semantics of the HTTP version number.  You've already
seen the announcement on this mailing list; if you missed
it, the URL is

Our intent with this I-D was NOT to change anything, but to
make as clear as possible what we think we have already said
in the HTTP/1.1 specification.

For the record, we tried to include all of the listed authors of
the HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 specifications on this I-D.  However,
while Tim Berners-Lee was happy with this draft's applicability
to HTTP/1.x, he did not think it should necessarily apply to
HTTP/2.x or higher.

We can probably come to a consensus on this issue, but because
Larry Masinter wanted this draft to be issued as soon as possible,
I decided to submit it "as is" without Tim's name as an author.
People should understand that the draft will probably have to
be revised with respect to HTTP/2.x, but we all agree on what
it means for HTTP/1.x, and (in particular!) for HTTP/1.1.

I'd encourage people to comment on the draft, AFTER having
read it carefully (of course).  I don't think it will make
everyone happy, but perhaps it will at least make the issue


Received on Tuesday, 28 January 1997 20:05:02 UTC