Re: Cache-Control directive, semantics

Jeffrey Mogul writes:
 > ...
 > Putting it all together, the "sufficiently fresh" function
 > would be
 >     SuffFresh(Ae, Ap, Ar, Sr, Fr) := min(Ap, Ar) < (Ae + Fr - Sr)

Looks fine...

 > Regarding your second table, which indicates whether a cache
 > entry is usable with or without revalidation, I think we first
 > need to nail down the semantics of "proxy-revalidate".

Yes, I would very much like to consider also the cases of "private
disconnected" and "shared disconnected" caches (for which I have left
the table blank).

Let me know if I can help,

Received on Monday, 6 January 1997 04:09:26 UTC