Re: Call for Closure - HTTP response version

David W. Morris:
>Another choice is to stop overloading a single value for two 
>purposes ...
>  1.  Declaring the servers capabilities
>  2.  Labeling the level of the response

I see no such overloading in the HTTP/1.1 spec.  The spec is clear on
the fact that the minor version number in the response does 1 (but
only for this particular request!), not 2.

Now, there *might* be a good reason to add a header which does 2.  A
header which says `this response is compatible with both 1.0 clients
and 1.1 clients' might be useful for a 1.1 caching proxy.  We'll find
out when someone actually starts trying to build such a proxy.

>Dave Morris 


Received on Wednesday, 1 January 1997 06:16:07 UTC