Re: hit metering in HTTP

Larry Masinter writes:
 > I re-read my mail from yesterday, and realized that I never defined
 > 'cache-busting'. Here's an attempt:
 > ================================================================
 > cache busting:
 >   any of a variety of techniques employed by origin servers to
 >   prevent an intermediate cache from supplying the same data twice (to
 >   the same or different users) merely for the purpose of gathering
 >   accurate 'hit' data.
 >   Cache-busting reduces the value of the techniques the HTTP working
 >   group is developing to make caching in the Internet more effective,
 >   which might in turn result in greater efficiency of the network and
 >   more responsive Internet access, especially across saturated
 >   trans-ocean internet links.
 > ================================================================
 > Larry

For the etymologists among us, does anyone know where this term originated?  

Received on Friday, 29 November 1996 12:49:27 UTC