Re: Hit-metering: to Proposed Standard?

Koen writes:
    I would interpret the lack of criticism so far as a lack of time, and
    as a sign that most WG members are using `shortest job first'
    scheduling.  Based on this, I feel that you need to wait at least
    until after the December IETF before submitting as a proposed
We understand this.  We sent our message about seeking Proposed Standard
status to help prod people into treating this as something to look at soon.

    I believe that those people who have not read the draft before the
    December IETF will more or less by default place themselves outside of
    the `community' which works on completing the `community review'
    required for a proposed standard.

My understanding is that the standard ground rules for an IETF working
group session is "if you haven't read the draft, you aren't allowed
to discuss it at the meeting."  So you are certainly right with respect
to the WG meeting.

    Of course, if the reviewing community is small, you will have to come
    with some convincing evidence that there is enough community interest.

As we wrote, we have strong evidence that certain large customers are
eager to deploy this extension.  I'm not sure whether you can conclude
from Paul's authorship that certain large vendors are eager to ship
it, but perhaps Paul will enlighten us on that point.


Received on Tuesday, 19 November 1996 15:58:27 UTC