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Sigh, this belongs in the FAQ. Maybe it belongs in the revision of the
HTTP/1.1 spec, too.

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Maurizio Codogno wrote:
> I have a script which selects a file and send it to the user. It
> is accessed via a form, with action POST.
> Unfortunately, the file is sent with the form's name as default name,
> and the user should rename it by hand.
> Does HTTP/1.0 have any header line which can be used to overcome it?

Try sending 

  Content-type:        application/octet-stream
  Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="fname.ext"

HTTP header fields in the response of your script. This
at least works with Netscape Navigator since version 2.0

Although not specified in the HTTP 1.0/1.1 drafts the
the definition of Content-Disposition: can be found in 


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