Re: 13.1.2 Warnings

> OK, here's my creative solution ... a 1.1 proxy receiving a Warning
> should make the entity look out-of-date to any 1.0 clients. The
> Warning can then be safely cached in 1.0 caches, because it will be
> cleared by a fresh copy of the same entity without the Warning which
> looks more up-to-date than the cached copy.

I would consider that kind of distortion of meta data to be bad.  I
think we're going too far if we're starting to modify our response to
fool 1.0 cache to do what 1.1 prefers.  May as well just send a
standard error message saying "buzz off 1.0 cache, you need to upgrade
to 1.1, or I will forever torture you with bogus responses that will
confuse you out of your little mind".

Either (1) live with it (this only occurs with cascades), or (2)
suppress the warning headers when giving a response to 1.0 cache (with
the possible exception of "14 Transformation applied").  I would
prefer (2).

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Received on Friday, 18 October 1996 13:44:18 UTC