Re: HTTP working group status & issues


I said:

>>    I think that the separation and lack of coordination between
>>    WTS and HTTP-WG was a serious problem, and that I should have done
>>    more to prevent this morass.

I did not mean to start a debate on what the 'real' problem was or the
'most important problem', I just meant to say that 'no coordination'
is a problem.

To make this forward-looking rather than backward-looking, if there's
an ongoing effort to merge SSL and PCT, that's fine, and we don't need
(in HTTP-WG) to be concerned with it.

What I'm concerned about as 'undocumented' is the entire scheme of the
integration of "shttp:" URLs, warnings about secure forms and insecure
forms, interactions with other parts of HTTP and cookies,
etc. Ultimately these are important to document and standardize.



Received on Thursday, 17 October 1996 14:42:31 UTC