13.1.2 Warnings

> - HTTP/1.1 & digest:
>    Expecting RFC Real Soon Now.
>    Complaints, editorial advice, ambiguities welcome.

13.1.2 Warnings says:

    Warnings are always cachable, because they never weaken the transparency
    of a response. This means that warnings can be passed to HTTP/1.0 caches
    without danger; such caches will simply pass the warning along as an
    entity-header in the response.

This is not right.  HTTP/1.0 cache will cache this header, and the
Warning will remain in the cache file even if the entity is up-to-date
checked later.  So clients could e.g. see a warning saying that the
response may be stale even if the proxy just did an up-to-date check
and it was ok.

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