ISSUES LIST: Chunked Encoding

We seem to have two questions related to Chunked encoding, and I
wonder whether answering one of them may make it easier to answer the

Specifically, we have an open question on whether we will support both
chunked encoding and multi-part MIME for persistent connections.  We
also have an open question about whether and how to fix the current
specification of chunked encoding so that it allows the kinds of
footer information the Phillip Hallam-Baker needs.

If we agree we will support both chunked encoding (as a MUST) and
multi-part MIME (perhaps as a SHOULD), can we leave messages which
require footers to multi-part MIME?  If this is possible, it seems
that we could retain some of the ease of implementation that the Area
Directors indicated chunking would buy us, and help us get persistent
connections deployed more quickly


Received on Friday, 15 March 1996 18:07:18 UTC