Re: entity header field

> I think the title field is poorly motivated wrt a HTML document. I see little 
> advantage in getting the Title of the document up a few packets earlier. There 
> is an issue with the HEAD method however, if one does a head then one wishes to 
> obtain meta-information relating to the entity without obtainig a body and hence 
> Title does have some use.
yes, I was thinking about it. The problem is how a server can extract this meta info??
doing a full text parsing? isn't it too heavy??
A robot could have many advantages using only HEAD request to retrieve all the meta
info related to an html file...but which server handle this kind of info??
Why don't insert among the entity header fields the content of the META HTTP-EQUIV

> Overall I'm not too keen on the link tag/header because I don't think that 
> anyone has proposed a comprehensive and coherent semanitcs for them.
a proposal is in the draft-ietf-html-relrev-00.txt.


Received on Friday, 15 March 1996 18:07:08 UTC