Re: Can proxies rewrite Date:?

Jeffrey Mogul:
>    [Koen Holtman:]
>    I believe that caching proxies are supposed to rewrite the Date:
>    header in a response that is refreshed with a `not modified' response
>    to a conditional GET.  See the last line of the 304 definition in the
>    1.0 draft spec.
>I think this interpretation reflects a confusion about what caches

I don't think I'm confused about what caches do: the concrete example
you give is exactly the example I would give.

>  People who are on the http-caching mailing list may recall a
>discussion of whether we should model caches as storing "values"
>(of entities + assocatied entity headers) or "responses".

I remember the discussion, and I don't think that now is the time to
restart it.

>In this case, it doesn't really matter which model you follow, 

Yes, it does not really matter.  We seem to be agreeing on what
happens in caches, though we all have different explanations (models)
of how it happens.

What we need now is not some general model, but concrete text.

We need text, that exactly defines how caches must behave, for the new
1.1 draft which should be ready on April 1st.  Whether this text talks
about `responses' or `values' or `entities' as being stored by caches,
is an editorial decision that can be made while writing the text.


Received on Saturday, 9 March 1996 16:14:44 UTC