Re: Footers and Chunked

The point is not whether the chunked encoding is in or out of HTTP/1.1
In fact I would if anything prefer it to be out if anything. What I was
reacting to was a suggestion that the footers be dropped from chunked 
and put in HTTP/1.1. This is a change I can see absolutely no technical
justification for whatsoever. I also fail to see any political advantage
which would mean getting the spec to proposed standard earlier.

Thinking that reports of such a change might have been subject to a certain
degree of confusion I thought it best to send a private message to the
chair rather than exciting the whole list over what could well have been
a simple misunderstanding or confusion.

If people were indeed worried by any additional complexity involved in the
handling of footers they need only construct a very simple FSM to strip
out the additional items.

What I am concerned about that in a rush to get 1.1 out the door decisions
will be made which will cause us compatibility problems in 1.2. It would
be something of an embarassment to have to introduce a second encoding for
no other reason than the first one had been fumbled. 

In summary I suggest that we ensure that wherever possible the 1.1. spec
requires implementations to be tolerant in accepting and call to attention
the areas where extension is likely.


Received on Saturday, 9 March 1996 11:21:44 UTC