HTTP meeting summary

The area directors want a summary of the meeting before the week's
end. This is what I sent them (I'd cc'd http-wg but mistyped the
mailing list address.)

Hopefully we'll get the minutes out by the end of next week, including
minutes of the Thursday afternoon session.


HTTP/1.0 has been submitted to become an Informational RFC. We are
focusing on getting a proposed standard for a new version of HTTP with
an aggressive schedule: submission of a Proposed Standard by May 1.
This schedule will mean dropping some issues and features in this
first standards-track version and considering them for standardization
in a subsequent version. Of top priority are those fixes that will
help relieve HTTP-caused Internet congestion: host identification,
caching, persistent connections.

We had formed a number of subgroups to evaluate the HTTP/1.1 draft.
In our two originally scheduled meetings, we reviewed the subgroup's
conclusions and open issues, in the areas of caching, persistent
connections, content negotiation, state management, range retrieval,
authentication, extension methods, and extension methods.  In
addition, we also had a lively and productive interaction with the WTS
members where HTTP security work is proceeding, and a third meeting on
Thursday to triage our task list and assign ownership:

Jim Gettys is now the lead editor.

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