Re: HTTP Working Group 'issues' list

> > >    * QUERCHAR      What is the character set of URI query after ?   
> > >   Response: ISO-8859-1.
> > Are WWW going to be named LWW (Latin1 Wide Web)? :-)
> No, but the query-string mechanism is inadequate for i18n.  Other charsets
> in forms are handled with RFC 1867.  The only functionality that then can't
> support non-Latin-1 charsets is <ISINDEX>, and the same effect can be achieved
> with properly designed forms.
> A URL was originally supposed to be an opaque sequence of octets, and
> therefore the charset was relevant only in that it had to be representable
> as CDATA.  Unfortunately, that isn't how the world has turned out.
> Other character sets could be represented in URL's using a convention
> similar to the one laid out in RFC 1522, but I have not seen any *formal*
> proposal to do so.

If this explanation for BCP (a.k.a. HTTP/1.0), then I agree
with you. But if it for HTTP/1.1, then my original question
is unanswered. (In 'issues' list QUERCHAR is under HTTP/1.1 title).

Received on Monday, 19 February 1996 13:22:58 UTC