Re: HTTP Working Group 'issues' list said:
> >    * QUERCHAR      What is the character set of URI query after ?   
> >   Response: ISO-8859-1.

> Are WWW going to be named LWW (Latin1 Wide Web)? :-)

No, but the query-string mechanism is inadequate for i18n.  Other charsets
in forms are handled with RFC 1867.  The only functionality that then can't
support non-Latin-1 charsets is <ISINDEX>, and the same effect can be achieved
with properly designed forms.

A URL was originally supposed to be an opaque sequence of octets, and
therefore the charset was relevant only in that it had to be representable
as CDATA.  Unfortunately, that isn't how the world has turned out.

Other character sets could be represented in URL's using a convention
similar to the one laid out in RFC 1522, but I have not seen any *formal*
proposal to do so.

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