Re: Describing current practice for 301 and 302

Paul Hoffman:
>[Koen Holtman:]
>>It is worth noting because most user agents in use now change the POST
>>to a GET.  Thus, there is a discrepancy between current practice and
>>the 1.0 informational definition.  It is important to warn about such
>>discrepancies in the 1.0 document.
>This sounds OK to me, if it is done by a fair number of well-intentioned
>(if not misguided) HTTP/1.0 clients.

It is indeed done by a fair number of clients.  As a data point: all
three user agents on my Linux box do it this way (see my first message
for the user agent names and versions).

I trust that you will add the second version of my note to the 301 and
302 descriptions in the 1.0 draft.

>--Paul Hoffman
>--Internet Mail Consortium


Received on Thursday, 1 February 1996 05:30:14 UTC