Re: Describing current practice for 301 and 302

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Larry Masinter wrote:

> Even though ignoring-query-part-of-URL might be current practice in
> some HTTP servers, I'm not sure that it belongs in the HTTP/1.0
> description of 'current practice' because it isn't a protocol issue.
> (Just like HTTP/1.0 protocol doesn't care if the server is implemented
> using a file system, a database, CGI, etc.)
> It's certainly not *required* that they ignore the query part of URLs.

Well, protocols are about interoperability but my contribution was only
intended to refine understanding of current practice ... I have not
intended to advocate requireing anything which is a moot point anyway.

Furthermore, in this case, the HTML pages which include forms, etc.
which result in QRY URLs will be done in the context of a specific
server and if the ignore doesn't happen, I presume the HTML author
will adjust.


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