Re: Charsets revisited

>If the transformation is performed on the fly then equivilance is presumed
>from the transformation algorithims used. It is interesting that the
>algorithims to be used are not necessarily specified by the standard. For
>example ISO8859-5 to Unicode. The Unicode Consortium publishes a set of
>tables which I would recommend we consdier to be 'the standard' but other,
>disputed, conversion tables have been seen, especially for ideographic based
>writing systems.

There will be at least one server appearing in the near future that
supports encoding conversion on the fly, based on the Accept-Charset
headers. The same ideas can be applied to languages (and ideed, I
notice that there are translation and transliteration servers starting
to appear at last; something I predicted more than a year ago).

Sa Brian explain so well: content negotiation is vital for mapping the
abstract to the concrete.

Received on Thursday, 25 January 1996 06:23:05 UTC