Re: Proposal on removing Content Negotiation from http 1.1

Please don't try to justify my assertions.. It will only cloud the issue.

A Web crawl output of gopher+ sites would be real useful (especially
if it didn't report menus since most gopher+ servers can return gopher menus
as html)

> Daniel DuBois wrote:
> > 
> > (I don't know what Navigator does with/means by its
> > 'document encodings', but certianly if Navigator doesn't do the auto-charset
> > adjustment now, it will soon.  It's too trivial not to make that next step.)
> Netscape Navigator does look for "charset", but if it's omitted, we
> default to whatever the user has set in the "encoding" menu. We don't
> like having to present these confusing choices to the user, but the
> current Web infrastructure doesn't use "charset" at all (or very
> little).
> Erik

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