I would like to revise draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-00.txt to include the
following disclaimer (marked between === lines) to the end of the
'Status of this Memo' section.

We had expected a revised draft that might include a similarly worded
disclaimer, but because of the large number of issues we're
considering, it seems less likely to happen soon. Recent events
indicate that being clearer about the draft's status might help, and
we hope that this might reduce the confusion in the user community as
to the status of this draft.

Is this a possibility? Do you need a submission of a complete draft?
I know that spec-00 has both a text and a postscript version; I would
expect you might delete the postscript version -00 and retain the
-01.txt version only. When an -02 draft is ready (which I expect will
happen by March), we may once again provide multiple formats.

NOTE: This specification is for discussion purposes only. It is not
claimed to represent the consensus of the HTTP working group, and
contains a number of proposals that either have not been discussed or
are controversial.  The working group is discussing significant
changes in many areas, including logic bags, support for caching,
range retrieval, content negotiation, MIME compatibility,
authentication, timing of the PUT operation.

Received on Friday, 19 January 1996 11:19:19 UTC