Re: [ HTTP/1.1 Host request-header query]

>Am I correct in my interpretation that if the user agent is sending the
>request directly to the origin server, then this header is required;
>when sending it not to the origin server, it can be omitted (presumably
>since the complete URL is given in the Request-URI)?

If a request goes through a 1.0 proxy, the old proxy cannot be expected to
create a Host: header that will eventually reach the origin server.
Therefore I would expect that the Host: header would be just as necessary
when making a request to a proxy.

Now that I've scrutinized this section of the spec, I'm actually quite
surprised the spec doesn't coincide with what I just said.  Do I
misunderstand something?
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Received on Friday, 19 January 1996 07:43:58 UTC