Re: FTP-able archive of HTTP-WG mail?

Roy writes:

>> While the hypermail archive of http-wg is useful, it's conventional to
>> also make the full archive of the mail available as a file for ftp,
>> e.g., for people who want to apply their own text tools.
>> Does anyone have such a beast, or is anyone willing to construct one?

> All files on my /pub/... hierarchy are simultaneously available via both
> HTTP and FTP using the same path.  Since the FTP server is also capable
> of the usual get-a-tree-in-tar-format kind of request, you can get the
> whole archive in one big request via ftp.

> On the other hand, I think Andy Norman has the mbox archive at HP and
> can make that available to people who ask.

I can indeed make the complete mbox available on a daily basis via WWW if I
get any requests.  It is currently 5.8MB plain and 1.5MB gzipped.

I expect that Roy's one-message-per-file format is a little more manageable
for most people. YMMV.
					-- ange -- <><

Received on Sunday, 7 January 1996 03:09:55 UTC