Re: Caching data returned from POST, and conditional POST

    As for HTTP/1.1, there's a cache subgroup that will be meeting, and
    perhaps they can deal with caching of other methods.

Just to clarify: the Caching subgroup, which I announced a few weeks
ago on the main HTTP-WG list, has been making some progress and I
expect things to speed up now that the holidays are over.

However, we will be doing most (if not all) of our work via email
and other long-distance means, since our job is supposed to be done
by the end of this month.  We MIGHT have a meeting, but anyone who
thinks that a meeting will be the place to introduce new topics
or solutions is quite mistaken.

Anyone who is deeply interested in HTTP caching should join our
subgroup, by sending a message to

I suggest that we not burden the main HTTP-WG mailing list with
further detailed discussions of caching.


Received on Tuesday, 2 January 1996 15:01:34 UTC