brief summary of results

> "Working Group/BOF Chair(s) are required to submit a brief summary of
> the results of their sessions, BEFORE the last day of the IETF
> meeting"

Results of HTTP-WG

A few last-minute issues arose with HTTP/1.1. These will result in a
new draft by next week, with minor changes.  Digest Authentication is
ready for progressing to proposed standard now; state management
(cookies) will require a new draft and then will be ready for IESG
last call.  The working group reviewed the other work that had been
deferred for HTTP/1.1 and created a new schedule in which we complete
all HTTP/1.2 work and closing down after a possible final meeting in
December.  Work in progress includes: PEP for general protocol
extensions, transparent content negotiation and user-agent features,
sticky headers, short names for headers and context identifiers, and
possibly some additions for requesting hit-counts from proxy caches.

Received on Thursday, 27 June 1996 22:03:56 UTC