Re: Montreal Informal BOF on HTTP-based management.

> I am gathering interest for an informal BOF during the upcoming Montreal,
> IETF meeting. We have developed an HTTP-based system and network
> management protocol and are curious to find out if there are others that
> have done similar work. If there is enough interest for standards track
> effort in this area, we can try and ask for an official BOF to be formed
> soon.

i am confused.  the AD sent out a message last week

    Message-Id: <>
    Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 14:21:14 -0400
    From: Deirdre Kostick <>
    Subject: IETF NM Area Meeting Agenda - June '96 
announcing that web-based management was a topic being discussed at the
NM's open area meeting:

> Tuesday, June 25 1530-1730
> Thursday, June 27 0900-1130
> Agenda Topics
> --------------
> o NM Area Highlights
> o New Working Group
> o Application Management
> o "Web-based" Management
> o SNMP Security/Admin Framework
> o General SNMP Issues

it would seem that your topic is already being discussed in that venue.


ps: the terms "informal BOF" and "official BOF" seem to be co-equally

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