Re: Sun White Paper on WebNFS

Another point glossed over by WebNFS is, as time goes on, just how much more 
content is going to be served from some sort of database rather than from 
static files.  By this time next year, our Corporate Technical Memory will 
process all user requests through a database, leaving only the home page and 
the actual documents as static files.  If Oracle improves its handling of 
BLOBs (excessive DB fragmentation has been seen in Oracle v7.1.4), CTM will 
probably serve the documents directly from the database also.  So WebNFS 
would _not_ be a big win for us.

Furthermore, from what I read in the trades, many companies are moving 
towards serving all documents out of databases just so they can manage their 
sites...  This doesn't seem very WebNFS-friendly to me.

Content negotiation will become increasingly important -- another point not 
addressed by WebNFS.  The Web is moving towards dynamic data, while WebNFS 
is designed for serving static data efficiently.
Mark Leighton Fisher                   Thomson Consumer Electronics                   Indianapolis, IN

Received on Friday, 14 June 1996 12:00:06 UTC