Re: [ draft may be of interest]

 >I've completed and submitted an internet draft on
 >TCP Control Block Interdependence, which has some 
 >observations on how to augment TCP implementations
 >to provide performance similar to persistant-TCP
 >layerings, without the multiplexing hazards.
 >I believe this may be of interest to the HTTP working
 >group, because it addresses issues similar to p-HTTP.

 >I would be very interested in any comments your group 
 >would have.

as with T/TCP, this seems orthogonal to persistent HTTP......
(if only for deployment reasons), but a nice piece of work....
and academically, a more satisfactory approach.....but just hard to
see ms/sun/apple (after snapple, maybe 'sams' = sun, apple, microSoft) 
putting it in for 6 years....



Received on Thursday, 13 June 1996 11:37:57 UTC