HTTP-WG Montreal moved (Tuesday & Wednesday); agenda

The HTTP-WG meeting in Montreal will be held Tuesday June 25 &
Wednesday June 26, 1300-1500 each day.

We've switched our Monday slot with INDEX-BOF, which was scheduled for
the Wednesday 1300-1500 slot. (The official agenda has not been

My apologies if this change has inconvenienced any of you. I do not
intend to instigate any further changes, but Please see note at the
end of this message.

Because of the focus on HTTP/1.1 I haven't been sending out agenda
items, while all of the "Not in 1.1" issues at the end of are
candidates, the three areas that I have as priority topics are:

* device characteristics and feature negotiation (e.g., screen color)
* demographics & hit metering (and Phill H-B's internet drafts)
* version management (at least a report of issues)

If there are others, please let me know.  I've been told that there's
not enough to say about HTTP-NG to take up 30 minutes, so we'll have a
little more time to deal with other issues.

In the rare possibility (dare I even say?) that we're not done with
HTTP/1.1 (e.g., it bounces IESG) we may need to move the agenda
around, of course.


Received on Friday, 7 June 1996 01:03:41 UTC