Re: no-transform

Jim writes:
> Here is a third try, which I think is better than either my original or
> Ted's rewrite.
>  14.9.5 No-Transform Directive
>   Intermediate caches (proxies) have found it useful to convert the
>   media type of certain entity bodies.  A proxy might, for example,
>   convert between image formats in order to save cache space or
>   to reduce the amount of traffic on a slow link.  HTTP has to date
>   been silent on these transformations.  
>   Serious operational problems have already occured, however, when these 
>   transformations have been applied to entity bodies intended for certain 
>   kinds of applications.  For example, applications for  medical imaging, 
>   scientific data analysis and those using end-to-end authentication, 
>   all require that the original entity-body be reproduced exactly bit for bit.
>   Therefore, an intermediate cache MUST NOT change the
>   media type of an entity-body if the response includes the no-transform
>   directive.

Looks good to me.


			Ted Hardie

Received on Thursday, 6 June 1996 13:26:24 UTC