Re: Major errors in Caching and Cache-Control

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996 wrote:

> medical images so messed with.  People will (already are) experimenting
> with such data transformation in research contexts; wouldn't surprise me

Yup, one of my clients has just such a research project which also modifies
the HTML to make it work.

> (might even take bets on) people doing it for product.

Thats the objective

> I think that "no-transform" is worth having, even if HTTP forbids transformation
> (for which I think forbidding tranformations would be draconian, and people
> who run corporate or island cache systems would not thank you for).

I agree, no-transform should exist (and I see no reason to forbid 
transformation with HTTP).

Dave Morris

Received on Wednesday, 5 June 1996 13:28:32 UTC