Re: Internet draft 04 available.


I'm confused ... were there changes between this version and the 
version announced last week? What I transfered looks identical
to what I got last week.

Dave Morris

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996 wrote:

> Off the issues page
> find Internet draft 04, which I am about to submit to the Internet
> Drafts editor.  Paul Leach is generating the plaintext, which 
> will be available later this evening, or tomorrow morning; 
> at this instant, you'll only find the postscript and Word versions.
> Larry and I have decided to go ahead and issue the draft as is,
> in particular because there are still people looking at Draft 03, which
> will just continue to confuse the world.   Some folks only work
> from the ID directory.
> We WILL issue a draft 5, if needed, to address the issues raised
> by Roy today in his own inimitable style.
> >From this point on, I'd like people to concentrate on substantive
> issues (particularly those raised by Roy earlier today) rather than
> word-smithing or terminology problems.  I do not want to introduce any
> new problems in the document ("first, do no harm").  I also need
> some time this week to pay my bills and do other things than fix
> trivia.
> 			- Jim Gettys
> P.S. The postscript is still only single sided.  Sorry.  But it
> is front to back this time :-).

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