Re: Major errors in Caching and Cache-Control

> This is the public mailing mailing list. Implementors were encouraged
> to review draft -03, draft -04a (WORKING GROUP LAST CALL), and,
> barring that, the draft -04 being released today is available for
> review. So I don't accept your assessment that sections have not had
> adequate review. That's what we're doing now: reviewing.

The draft is ~100 pages long, and most of us have been doing a comprehensive
(but not in-depth) review for several weeks now.  What I am saying
is that nobody has been discussing the Cache-Control header field AND
that it contains serious errors on even a casual perusal, which implies
that it hasn't been adequately reviewed (including by me).

What I would like is for people who are not busy generating the current
draft spend their "free time" in a productive way by focusing on a specific
problem area, rather than continuing to think about minor details.
I intend to do that as well (after I get some sleep).

> Your technical concerns are noted, and I believe that all of the
> problems you note as "FATAL" should be and will be reviewed carefully,
> although "FATAL" or even "fatal" is hyperbole.

Sorry, "FATAL" is my short-hand for an error that incorrectly specifies
the protocol in such a way that I (personally) cannot accept it as a
definition of the protocol, no matter what timeline is involved, unless
someone (anyone) can demonstrate that I am wrong in my interpretation
(quite possible, but unlikely) or the problem is fixed.  In other words,
it kills the draft for consideration as a proposed standard, since I've
never seen the IESG approve a draft that its own authors could not agree
was an adequate description of the protocol.

The sooner it gets reviewed, the sooner it gets done ...

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